Diwrnod Ysgol


School starts every day at 8:45am. A warning bell sounds at  8:40am indicating that pupils should begin to make their way to registration classes. Registration is very important as it is often the place where you will receive vital information such as reports, permission forms, timetables and so on – as well as being the place where the daily notices are shared.

If you are late into school you MUST sign in at reception.


08:45: Cofrestru
09:05: Gwers 1    
10:05: Gwers 2    
10:25: Gwers 2    
11:05: Egwyl
11:25: Gwers 3
12:25: Gwers 4    
13:25: Cinio    
14:10: Gwers 5
15:10: Adref

Apwyntiadau yn ystod diwrnod ysgol

We understand that sometimes medical, dental or other important appointments are made during school time. If you have an appointment you should get your parent or guardian to write a short note explaining what time you will be leaving school and why. You must then take this note to reception and get a blue form which will let your teacher know that you have a scheduled appointment which has been officially arranged.

You must leave for your appointment via reception so you can sign out. If you return in school time you must sign back in at reception even it is during a break or lunch time.