Contacting the school:

In the first instance parents should always email the school or telephone the school. We aim to acknowledge all emails within a reasonable timeframe.

If a query or concern is urgent, and you need a response as soon as possible, please call the school.

If parents wish to contact Governors then they must do so through the email: CollinsE66@Hwbcymru.net

All communication should be kept professional at all times. If your concern is regarding a specific teacher please, in the first instance, contact the relevant Head of Department or Faculty.

Who should I contact?

If you have questions about any of the topics below, or would like to speak to a member of staff:

  • Email the most appropriate address
  • Include your child’s full name, year group and class in the subject line
  1. My child’s learning/class activities/lessons/homework - The head of department via email.
  2. My child’s wellbeing/pastoral support - The Head of Year via email.
  3. Payments and ParentPay - School Finance office via email –  BeestonA@Hwbcymru.net
  4. Uniform/lost and found - School office via phone or enquiries email through dinas.bran@denbighshire.gov.uk
  5. Attendance and absence requests - Phone attendance 01978 860669 ext 209, text service, email attendance officer or via Talaxy.
  6. Bullying - Bullying and harassment form via school website.
  7. School events/the school calendar - School office via phone or email via dinas.bran@denbighshire.gov.uk
  8. Special educational needs - ALN department via email –  MorrisS306@Hwbcymru.net
  9. Before and after-school clubs - School office via phone or enquiries email through dinas.bran@denbighshire.gov.uk
  10. The Governing Body - CollinsE66@Hwbcymru.net
  11. Catering/meals - School office via phone or via email  dinas.bran@denbighshire.gov.uk
  12. Bus/Transport issue - MayburyA8@Hwbcymru.net

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr M. Hatch - HatchM1@Hwbcymru.net

Deputy Headteacher: Mr C. Cheffings - CheffingsC@Hwbcymru.net

Deputy Headteacher: Mr C. Matthews - MatthewsC116@Hwbcymru.net

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C. Snaith - SnaithC6@Hwbcymru.net

Assistant Headteacher: Mr G. Williams - WilliamsG562@Hwbcymru.net

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs K. Brooks - BrooksK15@Hwbcymru.net

Business and Site manager: Mr J. Roberts - RobertsJ852@Hwbcymru.net

Finance Officer: Miss K. Wilson - WilsonK101@Hwbcymru.net

English Faculty

Head of English Faculty: Mrs N. Marquand - MarquandN@Hwbcymru.net

2nd in Department: Mr B. Griffiths - GriffithsB165@Hwbcymru.net

KS3 Co-ordinator: Miss L. von der Fecht - vonderFechtL6@Hwbcymru.net

Head of Drama: Miss E. Parry - ParryE145@Hwbcymru.net

English Teacher & Whole School Literacy/Enrichment co-ordiantor: Mrs A. Edwards - EdwardsA334@Hwbcymru.net

English Teacher: Mr D. Hyde

Head of Media and English Teacher & Learning Manager Year 10: Mr S. Sinclair - SinclairS7@Hwbcymru.net

English Teacher: Mrs A. McTague

English Teacher: Mrs F. Jones

English Teacher: Miss J. Hanley

English and Drama Teacher: Mrs R. Basnett

Humanities Faculty

Head of Humanities Faculty and Head of History: Mr A. Savage  

Teacher of History: Mr R. Evans

Head of Geography: Mrs R. Griffiths - GriffithsR260@Hwbcymru.net

Geography Teacher: Mrs. S. Norton  

Teacher of Geography and Outdoor Education: Mr A. Savage     

Teacher of History and International co-ordinator/PSE: Mr A. Wallis - WallisA1@Hwbcymru.net       

Head of Historyr: Miss A. Edwards 

Religious Education Teacher: Mrs S. Griffiths    

Head of Public and Uniformed Protective Services, DCF co-ordinator and PE Teacher: Mrs R. White - WhiteR54@Hwbcymru.net 

Mathematics Faculty

Head of Maths Faculty: Mrs J. Field - FieldJ39@Hwbcymru.net

2nd in the Maths department: Mrs C. Hatch - HatchC4@Hwbcymru.net

Maths Teacher and Numeracy co-ordinator: Mr A. Davies - DaviesA1234@Hwbcymru.net

Maths Teacher: Mrs B. Barry

Maths Teacher: Miss R. Chartres

Maths Teacher: Mr D. McTague

Maths Teacher: Mr A. Saunders

Maths Teacher: Mr Ll. Williams

Head of Business Studies: Mrs A. Jones - JonesA3749@Hwbcymru.net

Head of ICT: Mr D. Jones 

ICT Teacher: Miss C. Edwards

Science Faculty

Head of Science Faculty and Head of Physics: Mrs L.Story - StoryL1@Hwbcymru.net

Head of Biology: Mrs L. Evans - EvansL928@Hwbcymru.net

Head of Chemistry: Mrs S. Menon - VasanthS@Hwbcymru.net

Science/Psychology Teacher and Head of Sixth Form: Mr A. Derbyshire - DerbyshireS1@Hwbcymru.net

Science Teacher and Learning Manager Year 9: Mr J. Lea - LeaJ22@Hwbcymru.net

Science Teacher: Mrs E.Thomas

Science Teacher: Miss S. Coyle

Science Teacher: Miss E. Gwyn

Science Teacher: Mrs H. Derbyshire

Science Teacher and Learning Manager Year 8: Miss K. Roberts

Science Teacher: Mr K. Kowalczyk

Welsh and Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

Head of Welsh and MFL Faculty: Mr I. Phillips - PhillipsI91@Hwbcymru.net

2nd in Welsh department: Miss E. W. Hughes - WilliamsE2860@Hwbcymru.net

Welsh Teacher and Welsh Literacy co-ordinator: Miss L. Jones - JonesL3080@Hwbcymru.net

Welsh Teacher: Miss C. Norton        

Head of MFL: Madame Decourt - DeL25@Hwbcymru.net

MFL Teacher: Señora R. Navarro  

MFL Teacher: Señorita N. Redman  

Creative Faculty

Head of Creative Faculty and Head of PE: Mrs H. Davies - DaviesH619@Hwbcymru.net

PE Teacher and Learning Manager Year 10: Mrs R. Dew - DewR2@Hwbcymru.net

PE Teacher and Learning Manager Year 7: Mr N. Garvey - GarveyN1@Hwbcymru.net

PE Teacher: Mr T. Williamson

PE Teacher: Mrs I. Jones        

Head of Technology: Mr N. Owen - OwenN152@Hwbcymru.net

Technology Teacher: Mrs Y. Davies

Technology Teacher: Mr. M. Harrison    

Technology Teacher: Mrs K. Younes    

Technology Teacher: Mrs E. King

Head of Art: Mrs A. McDonald - McDonaldA16@Hwbcymru.net

Art and Technology Teacher: Miss D. Evans        

Art and Technology Teacher: Mrs C. Killow        

Head of Music: Miss K. Shepherd - ShepherdK12@Hwbcymru.net

Music Teacher: Mrs H. Craddock Jones

Admin and Support staff

Assistant Learning Manager: Mrs R. Allen

Assistant Learning Manager: Mrs H. Pritchard

Assistant Learning Manager: Mrs S. Martin

Assistant Learning Manager: Mrs S. Roberts

Assistant Learning Manager: Mrs A. Leckie

Assistant Learning Manager & Health Care Manager: Mrs A. Jones  

Cover Teacher: Mrs C. Arnold    

Exam co-ordinator: Mrs A. Armstrong    

Accounts clerk: Mrs A. Beeston    

Data & SIMS Manager: Mrs L. Edwards  

Attendance officer: Mrs C. Langford    

Attendance mentor: Mr I. Soden    

Headteacher's Secretary: Mrs E. Collins    

Librarian: Mrs A. Gardner    

ALN Admin: Mrs S. Morris    

Translator: Mrs G. Owen Edwards    

Receptionist: Mrs R. Roberts    

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Y. Byrne  

Inclusion Manager/LAC: Mrs W. Gwilliam    

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C. Jones    

ELSA Teaching Assistant: Mrs N. Jones

ELSA Teaching Assistant: Mrs K. Wakeman

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Morris

Welsh Teaching Assistant & Welsh Intervention: Mrs J. Evans 

Teaching Assistant: Miss J. Evans

Teaching Assistant exclusion reintegration: Miss D. Jones    

Teaching Assistant: Miss R. Mansfield

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C. Meakins

Teaching Assistant: Mr M. Oswald Haggett

Teaching Assistant: Miss H. Richards

Teaching Assistant: Mrs D. Wierenga

Teaching Assistant & Cleaner: Mrs D. Davies    

Teaching Assistant Literacy Intervention: Mrs D. Wyard

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Coulson

Teaching Assistant exclusion reintergration: Mrs D. McSorley

Teaching Assistant Numeracy Intervention: Mrs A. Jones

Teaching Assistant: Mrs M. Matthews

Teaching Assistant & Cleaner: Mrs A. Morris

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C. Newbrook

Caretaker: Mr P. Gwilliam

Caretaker: Mr R. Peters

Cleaner: Mrs C. Johnston

Cleaner: Miss A. Butterton

Cleaner: Mrs J. Wright

Learning Coach: Mrs L. Gallagher    

Senior IT Technician: Mr R. Cope 

Technician Resources: Mrs T. Lang

Technology Technician: Mr M. Roberts

Technology Technician: Mrs H. Bailey

Science Technician: Mrs D. Case    

Science Technician: Mrs S. Newell

Cleaner: Mrs V. Brown    

Cleaner: Mrs P. Butterton

Cleaner: Mrs K. Dodd

Cleaner: Mrs S. Dodgshon

Cleaner: Mrs C. Evans

Cleaner: Mrs T. Jones

Cleaner: Mrs L. Kempster

Cleaner: Mrs B. Lancaster

Cleaner: Mrs S. Lloyd

Cleaner: Mrs D. Szabo