Student Health and Wellbeing Survey

School Health Research Network

The School Health Research Network is led by Cardiff University in partnership with Welsh Government, Public Health Wales and Cancer Research UK. Every two years, schools in the Network are invited to take part in the Student Health and Wellbeing Survey. The information collected in the survey is used to compile a Student Health and Wellbeing Report for each school, which supports their work to improve their students’ health and wellbeing. Your child’s school is taking part in the Student Health and Wellbeing Survey this term. The survey is being managed by Ipsos MORI on behalf of Cardiff University and is completed on-line under the supervision of a member of school staff. It contains questions on health behaviours, including diet, physical activity, smoking, alcohol, drugs, school life and relationships. Students in Year 9 and above only will be asked a small number of questions relating to sexual behaviour. Each student chooses whether or not they want to complete the survey and they can omit any question they do not want to answer.

We hope that you will be happy for your child to take part. If you have any concerns, wish to see the survey questions or withdraw your child from the survey or from data linkage research, please notify school reception as soon as possible.


Letter from the Research Network