Talaxy – Our Home-School communication software

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Tasc Software to bring you their latest Home-School software platform, Talaxy. Each section provides you, the parent, with a wealth of information as to how your child is doing in school. This could be ‘on the day’ information or across longer periods of time. It does this through the use of different sections within the product. These sections are:


Day View – This view allows you to view your child’s attendance to lessons on that day
Attendance to school – This allows you to track attendance to AM/PM registrations. You can see how many days they have attended, how many days off school they have had and if there have been any specialist appointments e.g. medical.

Attendance to lessons – You will be able to see your child’s attendance to each subject they are taught. If they have been off school and have missed lessons, you will be able to see which subject has been missed so that you can support their catchup. A summary table is also available for you to see lesson attendance over the entire year to enable you to acknowledge patterns of absence.


We measure and record how much effort each student puts into each lesson they are taught, via a simple numerical system on the lesson attendance registers. These numbers are visible on the ‘attendance to lessons’ section, where you are able to see the lesson grades, for each subject, over a period of time. This is displayed in both a pie and bar chart for clarity of understanding.


School not only acknowledges good effort via it’s register system but also through the awarding of achievements in lessons and across other school activities.


Whilst we thankfully don’t have too many incidences of poor behaviour at school, it is right that these instances are acknowledged, recorded and shared with parents.


Our aim, as a school, is to move to digital communication by September 2021. Talaxy offers this facility and we strive to send all our letters and other communication documents home via this method.

Parents Evenings

We have recently started to have ‘virtual’ Parents’ Evenings. This has been positively received by parents and provides a major step forward in supporting the busy lives of our parents, students and staff. We will continue to use Talaxy to arrange Parents’ Evening bookings and conduct virtual parental consultations from the comfort of your preferred location.

Calendar and Timetables

You and your child will be able to see up and coming events from the school calendar, allowing you to be fully aware of what is around the corner. Students and parents are also able to see their child’s timetable. This is useful so you can see when PE kit or cooking materials are required.

Personal Details

With Talaxy you are able to make contact with school and provide the latest updates to personal details in a safe and secure manner at a time that suits you. All information is fully encrypted and transferred through to our internal team who will check and re-confirm the details sent in before updating our core system.