Term-Time Holidays

As I am sure you are aware, as part of the Government agenda to raise the attainment of students in Wales, schools are being asked to ensure that students attend school as frequently as possible.

I hope you will support and appreciate our position on the subject of holidays in term time.  Evidence suggest that students who attend school regularly attain better outcomes than those who miss significant and important periods of their education.   A child who takes ten days holiday in term-time will not achieve an attendance rate that year any higher than 94.7% in a school year.  Any further absences will clearly reduce that figure even further.   Repeated annually, any holidays will take away a significant part of a child’s education.

Please be aware:

I.         There is no entitlement to take a child out of school for a term-time holiday.

II.         Leave for any holiday henceforth will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.   It is quite likely that in many cases absences will not be authorised.

When deciding on any requests for leave we will also take into account any previous requests and a student’s overall attendance pattern amongst other factors.   From this term onwards any requests for holidays should be made directly in writing to the Headteacher giving reasons for the request.

I hope you will appreciate the need for us to take this approach and support us in ensuring your child’s good attendance at school.