Category of Governor No of Governors Current Governors Date Appointed
Head Teacher (ex officio) 1 Mr Froggett Jan-14
Parent Governor 5 Vacancy
Mrs G Liddy Nov-14
Mrs Orton Jones Nov-15
Mrs Heath Dec-15
Mr Walker Oct-16
LEA Governors 5 Ms Isabel Richards May-17
Mrs L Edwards Sep-15
Cllr Hughes  – CCI Sep-16
Graham Read Dec-14
Cllr Graham Timms Sep-17
Teacher Governors 1 Mrs A Edwards Dec-15
Mrs Rachel Allen Sep-16
Staff Governors Mrs W Gwilliam Oct-16
Community Governors 5 Mrs C Ashford (Chair of Governors ) Sep-15
Mrs M Webb Sep-16
Mrs Cath Richardson May-17
Mr Mark Valentine (Chair of Finance) Sep-13
Mr Bob Lube Jul-14