During the Autumn Half Term I was very lucky to be chosen to be one of 15 teachers nationwide to visit Berlin for 6 days as part of a programme organised by the German Government designed to give history teachers first-hand experience of German history and culture. The historical significance of the trip was focused on developing historical awareness when teaching German history. The focus of the trip was centred on commemorative culture and developing historical consciousness amongst young people. The trip included highlights of contemporary Berlin, such as the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg gate, Jewish Memorial, The Reichstag and a visit to a refugee camp.

The visit also incorporated meetings and lectures with German academics, history teachers, teachers’ associations, and a day spent at the Internationales Gymnasium Pierre Trudeau School in Magdeburg. The programme was a unique opportunity to meet and create links with other educational professionals within Germany and the UK, and to visit some of Berlin’s most important historical and cultural landmarks; it was an invaluable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Berlin and am looking forward to utilising what I learnt during my time there and sharing my knowledge within my lessons and across the department.